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Why Are Custom Battery Designs Essential for Your Project?

Himax - 200ah-12v-Battery-Pack

As technology advances, portable energy solutions are becoming more available and more sophisticated. Highly specialized technologies call for highly specialized batteries.

Custom OEM batteries can help your business operate more efficiently and increase your profits. Himax has many years of experience in designing batteries for Lead-acid replacement, as well as in other industrial and commercial industries. Our custom battery solutions have the power to fulfill your mission-critical requirements and advance your company’s reputation.

How Custom OEM Batteries Benefit Your Brand

Precision Safety

High-quality custom batteries are specifically designed with your product’s application in mind. For instance, your product might be designed for operation in harsh, dirty, or dangerous conditions, in which case you need custom OEM batteries that can operate in rigorous environments for long periods of time. 

Whether it’s strong winds, high altitudes, varying humidity levels, extreme temperatures, or other challenging environmental conditions, you need a custom battery that will power through without failure or malfunction. An experienced company will design and develop custom batteries to suit your product and application while implementing safety features that protect your investment and your reputation.


Optimal Performance

When you use high-quality, custom OEM batteries, you enhance your product’s performance. Precisely engineered batteries not only minimize safety hazards to people and investments, but they also reduce wasted energy. This increased energy efficiency optimizes your product’s potential, which positions you ahead of the competition. 

Additionally, custom OEM batteries for drones and other high-tech applications can be used as primary power sources or as backup sources for protection in the case of a combustion engine failure or other critical issues. Many custom OEM batteries can also be used in hybrid fuel or battery systems, enhancing performance while providing flexibility.

Increased Endurance


The increased energy efficiency provided by custom OEM batteries also increases your product’s endurance. Drone batteries and other technical-use batteries have come a very long way in terms of longevity, but nothing improves endurance like a custom battery solution. When your product goes farther and lasts longer than the competition’s, it increases your brand’s credibility. That translates to boosted sales. 

Targeted Testing

High-quality, custom OEM batteries undergo rigorous, application-specific testing to guarantee their performance, durability, and strength when used in your product. You’ll want to know how your custom commercial or industrial battery performs while engaged in various applications and under specific conditions. 

Reputable and experienced companies ensure functionality by performing both routine and additional mechanical testing for custom battery designs. Routine tests include component inspection, in-process inspection, and final testing on the completed product. Additional tests should be performed according to your application’s requirements. Reputable companies maintain complete testing data records that can be supplied upon request. 

Direct Support & Transparency

Look for a portable energy solutions company that will provide direct and continual support for your custom OEM batteries. They should be well-staffed, with after-sales support to ensure that you always receive the answers you need, when you need them. 

For your custom OEM battery needs, you’ll want to partner with a company that has access to an extensive, highly vetted network with a strong global presence. Experienced and reputable companies are forthcoming about their supply chains and professional network, so be sure you ask the right questions.

Additionally, any company you partner with should be transparent concerning their security protocols, especially regarding their supply chains in Asian markets. Find out how they intend to keep your sensitive IP projects secure.

Himax Delivers Safe and Professional Custom Battery Solutions

At Himax, we value innovation and integrity. We partner with you to generate, design and implement custom battery solutions and custom charging solutions for your critical operations.

For over 15 years we’ve supplied the energy, aerospace, and automation industries with high-quality, reliable, custom OEM batteries. We’ll work closely with your design team to ensure timely delivery. We’re here to provide support throughout the process and after the sale. 

If you’d like to learn more about how our custom OEM batteries can benefit your product or company, please contact us today.