Lithium batteries are small, lightweight and, due to a high energy density, have a long life. This makes them ideal for medical devices and medical electrical equipment. As devices themselves become smaller, more portable, and more widely used in the home, many designers and manufacturers are looking for an energy source that is also smaller and portable, while maximizing power and performance.

The Vital Role of Lithium Ion Batteries in the Medical

Lithium and lithium-ion batteries are used to power a number of medical devices and medical electrical equipment: hearing aids, pacemakers, surgical tools, medical defibrillators, robots, infusion pumps, monitors, and meters are just some examples of medical devices that have benefited from implementing lithium batteries into their design and function.

medical batteries

Saving Lives

Hospitals require uninterrupted power sources. In cases of power outages, they are equipped with vital backup power for critical equipment such as operating theatres and intensive care systems.

Li-ion Battery has a Mature Custom Solution

Lithium-ion is a type of rechargeable battery that provides numerous advantages over non-rechargeable batteries. This high energy-density chemistry has a mature custom manufacturing market, enabling the miniaturization of devices. In addition, its excellent cycle and calendar life extends the overall lifespan of the device. Such advantages are especially critical in medical implants, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

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