• Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting

A solar street light pole features embedded solar panel, built-in Lithium-ion batteries, night and motion sensors and automatic controls. It is this integrated solar panel, which converts solar power into electrical energy, and stores it in the built-in battery. This stored battery illuminates the street from dusk to dawn. Besides, it also comes equipped with a battery management system with night and motion sensors for efficient energy management.

No Cabling Complications, Safe & Simple

The traditional street lighting project involved cable ditch digging, pipe laying and more. However, the solar pole lights set-up works independent of the utility company. So, there is no requirement for cabling. A complete wireless set-up, these lights reduce the risk of overheating, strangulation and electrocution.

solar street lighting

No Interdependency

A grid failure or power cut will no longer affect the street lighting. Working independently, the street lights will keep running all night long with this independent power generating system.

Easy Maintenance & Built-in Control

Equipped with an intelligent control system, these solar lighting mechanisms do not require any manual operation. Moreover, it is a one-time investment that will keep the streets illuminated for years to come.

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