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Battery pole piece spot welding

Battery pole piece spot welding machine work principle:

12v 100ah lifepo4

Battery pole piece spot welder use of ultrasonic metal welding principle, ultrasonic metal welding should be classified as don’t need preheating welding. Oxidation surface is the great friction welding which division, and at the same time two parts are pressed together. This program let two materials to produce the atom so close to the action. Far below melting point relatively slight increase of temperature in the welding process is not important factors. At the same time, because the basic material not liquefied, so there is no microstructure changes, also will not damage to internal structure. Ultrasonic cell metal special welding machine is suitable for: aluminum + nickel, nickel and copper foil, aluminum + aluminum foil, multilayer copper foil, multi-layer aluminum foil, multilayer copper nets, multilayer aluminum mesh, aluminum plate + aluminum strip, aluminum nickel composite belt + aluminium plate, aluminum shell bottom + ni-clad-al strip double point welding; And with nickel and copper foil, nickel band and aluminum belt, aluminium strip and aluminum foil, aluminum band and aluminum cover, aluminum shell and ni-clad-al strip of the material such as the single point, multipoint, single, multi-layer, square, form and process of welding. Features suitable for battery, hardware, electrical appliances and motor industry.

Battery pole piece spot welder features:

  1.  due to the bench ultrasonic cell metal welding machine machine 80% use import parts and components, to ensure low failure rate and machine section structure design is reasonable;
  2.  ultrasonic lithium ion battery metal welding machine of welding mould can according to different application fast and convenient to change;
  3.  ultrasonic cell copper foil nickel sheet welding machine with German import piezoelectric ceramic transducer, stable and durable;
  4.  miniature ultrasonic power battery cover sheet welding machine operation easy, built-in electronic protection circuit, the use of safe,
  5. independent research and development, and the ultrasonic cell metal welding mould and welding head, reached the advanced world level, reduce the enterprise cost;
  6. ultrasonic nimh battery pole piece very ear welding machine used for the same kind of metal welding, to foreign non-ferrous metal implement single point or multipoint welding, especially copper aluminum nickel sheet, line, take welding.

Battery pole piece spot welder advantages:

The machine use desktop integration design, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, Vertical motion, positioning accuracy is high, the welding effect is good; Welding head and the integral design of the mould can ensure the consistency of the welding effect, and extend the welding head life; New mould manufacture and maintenance cost is low, the welding of high efficiency; Advance to set the energy, time of welding parameters, constant welding parameter to ensure the welding quality. The operation is simple, convenient assembly, easy maintenance, can according to the customer the production needs of customized; Combined with quality control system for automatic process monitoring, without professional technician, on-site staff need to accept a day of training that will operate. Features suitable for wire and guide piece of the connections between, lithium nimh battery electric etc with nickel sheet alloy plate ni-clad-al strip connection, household electric parts and wire welding, all kinds of high or low conductivity metal and alloy, etc.