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Which is safer, lithium batteries(Li-ion) or nickel metal hydride(Ni-MH) batteries?


Compared with lithium batteries(Li-ion), nickel-metal hydride batteries(Ni-MH) are superior in terms of safety.

Mainly because the specific heat capacity and energy density of nickel-metal hydride batteries(Ni-MH)are relatively low, but the melting point is as high as 400°C. When the nickel metal hydride battery is subjected to collision, extrusion, puncture, short circuit, etc., the temperature of the battery will not rise sharply and cause spontaneous combustion.


After years of technological development, the mature manufacturing process and stable quality of nickel-metal hydride batteries have greatly improved the safety of the batteries.

In comparison, lithium batteries(Li-ion) are not as safe as nickel-metal hydride batteries, mainly because lithium ions(Li-ion) are more active and have higher energy density. At the same time, the raw materials of lithium batteries(Li-ion) are flammable. Once the battery is short-circuited due to various destructive factors and the temperature rises, the internal electrolyte will undergo a violent chemical reaction, which may cause the battery to spontaneously combust.

lithium 7.4V 8ah

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For example, for lithium-ion batteries, we will equip them with PCB and BMS, and can also add additional protection if needed, such as NTC, PTC, etc.

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