The Experience Using Lithium Vs. Lead-Acid

Lithium Vs. Lead-Acid

This week, we discuss the differences you experience when using lithium compared to lead-acid batteries. We compare everything from installation to weight and speed. Watch the full video to learn more about the benefits of switching to lithium.


Let’s start with installation. Lithium batteries are half the weight of the same capacity lead-acid batteries making them much easier to lift and install into your vehicle or equipment. A 100 Amp-hour lithium batteries weighs less than 30 lbs.!

The first thing people notice with lithium batteries when they operate their equipment, whether it’s a boat, golf cart or any other type of vehicle, is the feel. The reduced weight and higher power provided by lithium batteries, results in a noticeably faster and smoother ride.

The higher voltage of a lithium battery provides more power, which increases the ability to accelerate. You can reach top speed faster and more often. When maneuvering up a hill, or with a heavier load, or against the current, with lead-acid batteries, you just can’t reach full speed but with lithium batteries you can and do!

When lithium batteries are used for house power in an RV, people often use the benefit of less weight and more power, to add more of the items they really want in their RV.

You will experience full power throughout use. It is not uncommon to run accessories off your battery bank in a vehicle. With lead-acid batteries this can be problematic. For example, while powering a boat with lead-acid batteries, at some point the voltage will drop too low to allow the accessories to operate. With lithium you won’t lose power to those accessories as the voltage remains high until the batteries are fully depleted.

Another notable experience with lithium batteries is how long they last. You won’t be replacing your batteries every 1-5 years, depending on your particular application.

Equally important to what you experience is what you don’t experience. Let me explain.

You won’t experience a loss of valuable time. This point is two-fold in charging AND maintenance. First, lithium charges four to six times faster than lead acid. So there’s less time (and electricity) to recharge. Second, with lead-acid batteries you can’t avoid spending time cleaning acidic messes on the top of the batteries, in the battery compartment and on the floor. If you let it go too long, you may have to change battery cables due to corrosive build-up. With lithium there is no mess to clean up ever!

Finally, lead-acid batteries are easy to damage. Even with the best intentions, at some point, we will most likely not add water when needed, or not fully charge our batteries or leave them discharged for an extended period of time, resulting in permanent damage, shortening life. None of this impact’s lithium batteries. Lithium batteries truly provide peace of mind.

In fact, lithium batteries are so reliable and maintenance-free, you might even forget you have them!