RC Car Batteries: Introduction, Cycle Life, and Care

LiPO batteries often abbreviated as Lithium polymer batteries are rechargeable batteries that use polymer electrolytes instead of liquid electrolytes. RC cars are the popular market of LiPo batteries, you will be needing batteries for running them and LiPo batteries are the best option. They are best known for maintaining a steady voltage, surpassing all its other competitors.



What is the Best LiPo Battery for RC Cars?

All batteries are the same and identical, but that’s not true. They may look identical and share the same capabilities and compatibilities but they are different, in terms of quality and performance. Choosing the right one for your battery can be a task but here we are with guidelines that will help you in opting for the best one.

The best tip is that do your research and testing before the purchasing. Different brands will have different price tags and you must be ready to invest some money in buying them. Don’t buy a cheaper one that can later be heavy on your pocket but don’t buy an expensive one either. Some brands with low prices also offer good quality batteries that will last you longer than the expensive ones. So, the cost cannot determine the quality of the battery but its performance does. Make sure to do independent testing, consider battery configuration, and check the connectors as well. Also, make sure to check the reviews.

How Long Does a LiPo Battery for RC Cars Last?

LiPo batteries come with a lot of advantages but it has a shorter lifespan if compared to the nickel batteries. A LiPo battery may last typically fr about 150-300 cycles that totally depends on how it is cared for. Just when you will start using your battery frequently, charging and discharging it, it will ultimately be losing its capacity. You take your battery of 1300 mAH out of the box, but it will drop up to 75%, meaning about 1000 mAH.

A 1000 mAH battery bearing a load of 500 mAH will last for about 2 hours. Similarly, if your load is 2000 mAH then it would only last for 30 minutes. A 5000 mAH battery is quoted to last for about 20-25 minutes depending on the driving speed and your driving habits.

However, there are several methods that you can do for making our battery last longer. It includes the usage of proper charge voltage and balanced charging. Do, all the things that are necessary for maintaining the LiPo batteries for RC cars and you will definitely be treated with good and satisfactory outcomes.

How do you Care for your LiPo Battery for RC Cars?

Generally, good care and maintenance are required for LiPo batteries as they are a little too sensitive demanding some extra attention and care. But you can just ignore them for the fact that they need care because they are giving you a bundle of pros as well, including the lighter weight, higher capacities, higher discharge rates, and much more.

Here are some of the tips that will lead you to a better performance of LiPo batteries of RC cars.

Compatible Charger

Not just for increasing the lifespan, compatible chargers for LiPo batteries are the first thing that should be taken care of. If you are using a non-compatible charger you are not fully charging your battery, increasing the safety risks, and also contributing to shortening the life of the battery.

Effective Charging

It is advised to not over-discharge your battery and store the battery fully charged. do not overcharge your battery past 4.2 V per cell. Using a compatible charger will also help you in keeping the voltage and current same until it reaches the peak. Make sure to charge it as per instructions. Don’t charge them at below freezing point or near the flammable surfaces. Also, ensure that your battery is not damaged, broken, or swollen.


Do not discharge your batteries more than amperage rates specified on the labels. Discharging the battery low than 3V can lead you to some consequences. Also, ensure that your battery doesn’t exceed the temperature of 140F during the discharging process.


Extra Care and attention are needed even in the storage of LiPo batteries. If you are storing your battery fr more than 30 days or planning to leave it as it is for a month or so, do not leave your battery fully charged. Make sure that you are not storing loose batteries together. It’s also recommended that you should not store your battery at extreme temperatures, near the flammable surfaces or in the direct sunlight. Always disconnect the batteries that are not in use and store them in a non-conductive fireproof container as it is really necessary to prevent any unwanted consequences. Improper storage is the most common problem that occurs with LiPo batteries.


It’s really important to dispose of the LiPo battery properly as it can be a hazard. If you are having a bad day with LiPo batteries then dispose of them in the bins after completely discharging them, and checking the voltage of them. Place the LiPo in a saltwater bath and it will short out the battery, then check the voltage and then dispose them of.

General Care

Don’t disassemble the cells, never dispose of them in fire or use them near flammable surfaces, avoiding the opening and deforming of the cell, avoiding them to not get hit or bend or striking them with sharp edges are a part of some general care that should be don while handling the LiPo batteries for RC cars. You can also use a fire-resistant container to keep your batteries and yourself safe and sound.