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Li-ion battery or Ni-MH battery?

Replacement NiMH Hybrid Car Battery 7.2V

The energy density of li ion customized battery packs is 48% higher than that of Ni-MH batteries. And its cycle life of charge and discharge times can reach more than 600 times.

Advantages of li ion customized battery packs: small self-discharge, no memory effect, small size, light weight, green and environmental protection.

Application fields: transportation power supply, energy storage power supply, mobile communication power supply, new energy energy storage power supply, aerospace special power supply, electric vehicle applications.

14.8V Li Ion Customized Battery Packs

Ni-MH battery is a battery with excellent performance. As an important direction of hydrogen energy application, hydrogen energy has attracted more and more attention.

Advantages: low price, strong versatility, large current, strong reliability, good over-discharge performance, overcharge protection, high charge-discharge rate, no dendrite-formation, good low-temperature performance, no significant change in capacity at -10 °C.

In recent years, more and more Ni-MH batteries are used. The capacity is getting larger and larger, chargers are becoming more and more advanced, and the charging time is greatly shortened.


Uses: electric toys, electric bicycles, power tools, digital products.

Conclusion: In terms of daily charging, li ion customized battery packs have no memory effect and are easy to use. In addition, li ion customized battery packs are light in size and weight, making them easy to carry on mobile devices. The working voltage of the Ni-MH battery is 1.2V~1.5V, and the series voltage of the two batteries is 2.4V~3.0V. Most electrical appliances already have this operating voltage standard, such as walkman, radio, etc. Therefore, in the civil battery, lithium-ion batteries cannot replace Ni-MH batteries. However, in the later development of new electrical appliances, such as mobile phone batteries, camera batteries, mobile power supplies, etc., li-ion battery is more popular now.

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