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Is your battery ready for this winter?

Low-temperature olymer lithium batteries

By now, the winter has been successful in many areas. Climate experts predict that the cold air may hit us frequently this winter, and we have ourselves prepared to prevent the cold. Will the batteries, the essential energy supply, and the energy storage device that we live in, also be prepared for the cold days?

For example, in terms of the necessary phone, a fully charged cell phone flies from a warm place to the cold north, when off the plane its power drops sharply or immediately shows “low power for low temperature, automatic shut”. Not only unpaid but also the temperature defeats it. when the phone battery encounters a low temperature beyond its acceptable range, it stops running (also phone freezing phenomenon) so that the mobile phone powers down or automatically off. Knowing the temperature accepted by our batteries is necessary.

batteries power our life
Picture 1: Batteries power our life.

Battery classification on the temperature

Normal temperature battery

This kind of battery is just like humans who enjoy the temperature indoor. Its operating temperature range is generally 0℃~60℃. Under normal circumstances, the temperature is about 45℃, if it exceeds 50 degrees, it will be very hot, and the battery will be easy to age and scrap, such as our commonly used mobile phone battery, mobile power supply, etc. If below minus 20℃, the device with it can’t work normally and it easily ages too.

High-temperature battery

The High-temperature battery uses a solid and inactive electrolyte at a normal ambient temperature. It can only become active at high temperatures by heating from the outside, which is used almost exclusively for military applications.

Low-temperature battery

A low-temperature battery is a battery with strong freezing capacity by adding resistance to the conventional ones and production research and development of technology. Because of the performance advantages of lithium-ion itself, it has become the protagonist in both the institute and the market.

Wide temperature battery

Wide temperature battery with a larger operating temperature range always over 100℃ (like -40℃-80℃ Ni-MH battery)can be applied to other harsh environmental fields such as petroleum drilling and aerospace.

Treat the effect of temperature on the battery

How to maintain the mobile phone in winter?

We have no idea to replace the battery of our mobile phones. But we have some tips to protect it from cold damage:

Before being out
  • Equip the phone with a thicker and warmer phone case (Picture 2 ).
  • Stick the mobile phone membrane for anti-static electricity.
  • Prepare a charging bank and the line.
equip our electronic against this winter
Picture 2: Equip our electronics against this winter.
When staying outdoor
  • Put it into a pocket (inside the clothes) or bag to keep warm.
  • Use the headphones instead of releasing the sound out and shorten the outdoor-use time.
  • No mobile phone for a large temperature difference.
  • Do not start it up immediately after an automatic shut down until the temperature of the phone becomes normal.

Choose the correct battery to avoid unnecessary trouble

The battery activity is reduced for the low temperature, which affects charging and limits the use of electricity.  If we are going to have a new product. the battery choosing must be taken seriously. When we have to get outdoor to a temperature under 40℃, low-temperature polymer lithium batteries can be your best choice. Maybe you need a battery for your device to climb a mountain or other unique demand. Specializes in battery solutions against different temperatures. There are more suggestions for you, just click here to know more or contact us.