What’s the difference between Li-PO battery and metal casing lithium-ion battery?

The difference between Li-PO battery and metal casing lithium battery mainly refers to the material of the shell.

Polymer batteries are just liquid lithium-ion batteries with a polymer shell. Structurally, it is packaged with aluminum-plastic film. If a safety hazard occurs, the aluminum-plastic film of the battery will only inflate and crack at most.

The metal casing lithium-ion battery is made of steel or aluminum, and the cover assembly has an explosion-proof power-off function.

Compared with metal casing lithium ion batteries, polymer batteries have more or less advantages in terms of weight, capacity, shape, etc.

However, polymer batteries generally have smaller capacities and higher molding costs. The MOQ is high for customized battery, so the current market share of soft-pack lithium-ion batteries is relatively small.


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