What is the difference between 18650 lithium battery and 26650 lithium battery?

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The rated capacities are different:

IFR26650 lithium battery has a rated capacity of 3000-5000mAh, and 18650 lithium ion battery pack has a rated capacity of 2200~3200mAh.

The sizes are different:

the diameter of IFR26650 is 26 mm, and the diameter of IFR18650 is 18 mm.

The weight is different:

the weight of IFR26650 lithium battery is 94 grams, and the weight of IFR18650 lithium battery is 45 grams.

The capacities are different:

the 26650 battery capacity is larger than the 18650 battery capacity. Assuming that the 26650 battery using ternary materials is used, the capacity is generally around 5200mAh; while the capacity of the 18650 battery is mostly around 2600mAh.

Different application environments:

18650 lithium batteries are widely used in lighting fixtures, industrial accessories, power tools, electric bicycles, power lithium battery packs, etc.; while 26650 lithium batteries are widely used in power tools, lighting, wind and solar energy storage, electric vehicles, toys, instrumentation, UPS backup power supply, communication equipment, medical equipment and lights.

18650-4000mah-18650 Lithium Ion Battery Pack

When the battery compartment space is relatively small and you want a larger capacity, it is recommended to use 26650 batteries.


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