What is lithium battery pack?

Lithium battery pack refers to the assembly and production of lithium batterie. Pack refers to the packaging, encapsulation and assembly of lithium batterie. The main process is divided into three major parts: processing, assembly and packaging. When several modules are controlled or managed together by BMS and thermal management system, this unified whole is called lithium battery pack.

Composition of lithium battery pack:

lithium ion battery packs are generally made up of a collection of several Li-ion battery cells, with the addition of a BMS, and connectors. Thus forming the final product provided by the battery pack manufacturer to the user. The li-ion battery pack has a variety of shell materials, such as PVC, aluminium shell, steel shell, ABS shell and so on.

lithium batterie


Lithium battery pack features:

  1. 1.Functional integrity and can be used directly.
  2. 2.Diversity, a demand for a variety of realisation.
  3. 3. Longer service life.
  4. 4. Each lithium batterie can give full play to the energy of the battery, safe and reliable.

At present, 18650 batteries pack is widely used in the consumer electronics market, covering exploration equipment, robots, mobile phones, laptops, game consoles, digital cameras, portable devices and so on.

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