Sodium-ion battery vs lithium-ion battery

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In recent years, compared to li ion customized battery packs, sodium-ion batteries have continued to develop in the industry and are now gradually being put into use.


What are the outstanding advantages of sodium-ion batteries compared with li ion customized battery packs?

According to current industry test data analysis, sodium-ion batteries not only have better safety, but are more cold-resistant than li ion customized battery packs when encountering low temperatures of -40°C.


Sodium-ion batteries have no over-discharge characteristics, allowing sodium-ion batteries to discharge to zero volts. The energy density of sodium-ion batteries is greater than 100Wh/kg, which is comparable to lithium iron phosphate batteries. However, its cost advantage is obvious, and it is expected to replace traditional lead-acid batteries in the large-scale energy storage industry.

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The working principle of sodium-ion batteries is the same as that of lithium-ion batteries, and the existing production equipment of lithium ion battery companies can be directly used to produce sodium-ion batteries. Since there is basically no equipment investment, it is easy for companies to produce them as alternative batteries.


Although the energy density of sodium-ion batteries is not as high as lithium-ion batteries, due to the abundant Na resources and easy availability, and the current high price of lithium carbonate, Na-ion batteries still have very broad application prospects in the long run. It still has application prospects in some fields that do not require high energy density, such as grid energy storage, peak shaving, wind power energy storage, etc.


Himax has now also begun to provide sodium-ion battery solutions to our customers to meet the needs of industry development.


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