Nimh Battery: Safety, Usage And Difference


Nickel metal hydride battery (Commonly abbreviated to “Nimh battery”) has dominated the market today. This is because the battery chemistry is advanced in performance, safety, the cycle of life, and other parameters. In addition to that, manufacturers are working to improve the cell. The cell is designed to be used on electronic products that consider run time. As a result of this, it is used in a wide range of applications. Before you buy a cell, it is essential to not some of the useful factors. Let us see safety, usage, and differences of nickel-metal hydride.

Are NiMh Batteries Safe?

Generally, batteries are safe to buy you need to take precautions. Nimh is a nontoxic cell to human beings but harmful to other living things such as plants. However, the main problem is electrolytes. When exposing to extreme temperatures, electrolytes react with materials to create gas.

How to Keep NiMh Battery Safe?

Proper Charging

Proper charging means fully charging a cell according to the manufacturer’s rule. You can determine the completely charged battery by examining charge currents as well as recording charge time. Moreover, you must charge a battery at a moderate temperature. Extreme temperatures can cause an internal circuit. This produces heat thus makes the cell to be unsafe. You can buy a battery charger that measures temperatures. It will alert you when the temperatures rise.

Proper Storage

Cells are not stored inside a device. Remove the battery from the equipment and put it in the original package. In addition to that, store it in a cool dry place to avoid heat. Also, cells should not be put in contact, ensure they are separated.


It is recommended to ventilate the room for charging cells. Electrolytes are produced during charging and they emit hydrogen. The gas colorless and odorless hence you cannot recognize. The downside of hydrogen is that it is highly explosive. It mixes with oxygen in the air when produced. Since hydrogen is lighter than oxygen, it accumulates above oxygen. For this reason, it can result in a massive explosion in the room. On top of that, hydrogen can cause eye and skin problems.

Easy Safety Tips To Follow

  • Cells should always keep devices away from children. This includes wrist watches, remote controls, thermometers, cards, and other products that have batteries.
  • Do not expose lose batteries to pets and small children. Keep them away from access.
  • Create awareness by teaching friends and parents on keeping cells away.
  • If your child has swallowed a cell, run to the hospital, and do not give the child anything to drink.

What are NiMh Batteries Used For?

Mobile Phones

Nickel metal hydride has a greater density. The cell is designed to be a slim geometry. This gives an energy density of about 60Wh/kg. The cell takes up to 300 life cycles. Ways to increase cycles include draining and recharging the device for about four times.


Laptops use several types of cells including nickel-metal hydride. The batteries work well in portable computers and last longer, unlike nickel-cadmium. If you want to increase the life cycle of nickel-metal hydride on a laptop, you should discharge more often.


Computers that use NiMH last longer. Also, they deliver great performance.

Digital Cameras

A good digital camera should work for long before it drains. Before the introduction of lithium-ion, most digital cameras used Nimh and still use.

What is the Difference Between A NiMh Battery and A Lithium-ion Battery?

Charge Cycles

The charge cycle is referred to as the charging and discharging process of a rechargeable battery. The lithium-ion battery has a powerful ability to perform longer charge cycles compared to nickel-metal hydride. This parameter contributes to the high cost of lithium-ion batteries. There are ways you can do to increase life cycles. For example, reducing the battery temperature, choose the right termination charge, prevent high charge, and discharge.


Voltage is the characteristic of a cell. It is examined through chemical reactions, polarization, and components of a battery. The nominal voltage of a lithium-ion is about 3.70V. On the contrary, nickel-metal hydride operates at a nominal voltage of 1.2V in each cell. A high nominal voltage is great because it increases watt-hours.

High Power

Lithium-ion battery operates at higher voltage hence it delivers more power compared to nickel-metal hydride. NiMH produces has lower voltages that can support high power.


Nickel metal hydride and lithium-ion need specific chargers. These chargers have different types of electronics. You cannot use a different charger on li-ion because it can result in accidents. Manufacturers have designed chargers that show currents, voltages as well as charge time. Also, it examines the rate of charging and cuts the process in case of issues. Conversely, nickel-metal hydride chargers do not come with safety parameters.


Lithium-ion is a more advanced cell with less weight than most battery technology. Nickel metal hydride is among the heavy cells. Weight is a crucial factor to consider when it comes to transportation. Lithium-ion can be moved from one place to another without using much energy.


Nickel metal hydride is not as dangerous as lithium-ion. Nickel metal hydride does not cause a fire when exposed to oxygen. Lithium-ion explodes when exposed to oxygen. Therefore, it requires a protection circuit to guarantee safety.


The most important thing when you buy a cell is checking the price of a product. The cost of lithium-ion is almost three times s more of other batteries. Nickel metal hydride is affordable. The rise of demand for cells in consumer electronics will make the price of lithium to go down.

Top Nimh Battery Manufacturers Recommend

Himax was founded in 2002 and started to produce nickel-metal hydride batteries, and successfully developed high power and Low-self discharge NiMH batteries. Now Himax Nimh batteries are widely used in applications that require higher power, such as radio control cars, toys, power tools (e.g. electric drill, saws, angle grinders, etc.), and some medical devices in the global market.