Low-Temperuture Li-ion Battery

li-ion 18650 battery

This article will tell you some relevant knowledge about low-temperature li ion customized battery packs.

In our daily life, the most battery we use are the common battery. But in some special field, the low-temperature custom lithium battery pack  is also used.

HIMAX is the manufacturer focusing on the li-ion battery pack manufacturing and Li ion customized battery manufacturing. We can provide the low-temperature 18650 battery pack and 12v lead acid replacement battery.

Li Ion Customized Battery Packs


Special low-temperature li ion customized battery packs are rechargeable battery suitable for low-temperature environments of-40°C. The battery is required to reach more than 80% of the rated capacity when discharged at 0.2C. The main feature is that it has sufficient capacity at low temperature and can work normally.

Generally, lithium-ion battery cannot be used normally when the ambient temperature is -20°C, while low-temperature lithium-ion battery can still be used normally at -50°C.

In addition to communication power supplies, mobile power supplies, signal power supplies, and small EV power supplies also require low-temperature battery when working in the field.

Low-temperature li ion customized battery packs have the advantages of light weight, high density and long life, and are widely used in various electronic devices. Among them, low-temperature polymer lithium-ion battery also have the advantages of simple packaging, easy to change the geometric shape, ultra-light and ultra-thin, and high safety, becoming the power source of many mobile electronic products.

Currently, the low-temperature lithium-ion battery with better performance on the market is lithium cobalt oxide lithium-ion battery. Low-temperature li ion customized battery packs have the following advantages:

(1) High discharge performance, with a minimum discharge rate of 0.2C at -50°C and an efficiency of over 60%; and a discharge capacity of 80% at a discharge rate of 0.2C at -40°C;

(2) Wide operating temperature range, -50°C to 50°C;

(3) Excellent low-temperature cycle performance, charge and discharge at -30°C at 0.5C, and the capacity remains above 85% after 300 cycles;

(4) The size is flexible and can be customized in size and shape according to customer needs.

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