How to properly maintain UPS lithium battery during use?


If the UPS lithium-ion battery is not used and maintained in the correct way, the life of the battery will be shortened. Therefore, on the basis of selecting a regular standard battery, the battery must be properly protected and used.

To ensure the normal operation of UPS lithium-ion battery. We recommended to maintain the lithium battery UPS power system from the following aspects.

Pay attention to various parameters of the UPS

When using a UPS lithium battery, you should pay attention to various parameters of the UPS, such as input voltage range, output waveform, output power, power supply time and conversion time. What’s more, lithium battery brand, machine noise, volume, weight and other parameters. All kinds of UPS are not suitable for working at full load. More than 20% of the power margin should be reserved, and the load should be controlled between 40% and 60% of the rated output power of the UPS.

Proper discharge

When the UPS lithium battery is not used for a long time. We recommended to turn it on every one month and let the UPS be in the inverter working state for at least 2 to 3 minutes in order to activate the battery and extend the service life of the battery. When charging, over-current and over-voltage charging should be avoided as much as possible. Proper discharge helps activate the battery.

Maintain a suitable ambient temperature

An important factor affecting the life of UPS lithium battery is the ambient temperature. Generally, the optimal ambient temperature required by battery manufacturers is between 20-25°C. Once the ambient temperature exceeds 25°C, the battery life will be shortened by half for every 10°C increase.

Replace damaged batteries promptly

In the continuous operation and use of UPS lithium battery, due to differences in performance and quality, it is inevitable that the performance of individual batteries will decline and the storage capacity will not meet the requirements and be damaged. When certain batteries/batteries in the battery pack are damaged, maintenance personnel should inspect and test each battery to eliminate damaged batteries.

Lithium-ion battery

Do not frequently turn off and on the UPS lithium battery power supply

Generally, the UPS power supply must be turned off for 6 seconds before it can be turned on again. Otherwise, the UPS power supply may be in a “start-up failure” state.  In other words, the UPS power supply is in a state where there is neither mains output nor inverter output.


UPS power supply has gradually become the protector of important equipment. Due to the uncertainty of the status of UPS lithium-ion batteries, system paralysis and loss of important data have resulted in disastrous consequences and huge losses. Therefore, it is very important to use and maintain UPS lithium-ion batteries correctly.