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How to Extend the Life Of Standard Lithium-ion Battery?

In today’s mobile world, standard lithium-ion batteries are used in a myriad of situations, and battery life comes to be precious. It can be especially annoying when a mobile device has to be charged in a public place with only one available outlet.

There are many reports on how to save battery power, but what can we do to extend battery life? Here are a few ways that Himax has you covered.

Keep the battery at room temperature

Store the battery between 20 to 25℃. During the charging process, the temperature of the battery will increase due to the electric current. Therefore, do not leave your battery in the car or charge it if the temperature inside the car is too high. Heat is the biggest factor in shortening the life of a lithium battery.

Consider purchasing a high-capacity rectangle lithium battery

Standard rectangular rechargeable batteries will degrade over time regardless of whether they are used or not. As a result, spare batteries will not last longer than batteries in use. When purchasing a battery, be sure to ask about the latest manufacturing date of the product.

rectangular pouch batteries

Avoid completely discharging the lithium battery

If the discharge voltage of each cell of a standard lithium-ion battery falls below 2.5V, the safety circuit built into the battery will break, and the battery will appear to be depleted. For safety reasons, do not charge an over-discharged lithium-ion battery if it has been stored under these conditions.

Lithium-ion polymer batteries charging

If you are storing the lithium batteries for an extended period of time, store them at a storage charge in a cool place. Only by storing the battery properly can excessive power consumption be minimized and the life of the battery extended.

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