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How To Betect The Quality Of Lithium-ion Batteries?

Batteries play a vital role in our lives. They are used to store electricity and power various electrical appliances. Especially lithium-ion batteries, they are used in a wide range and are often used in some small portable appliances, such as mobile phones. The battery is a consumable material, and it is often charged and discharged. No matter the battery is the best, it has a certain lifespan, and the price of lithium-ion batteries is higher than other batteries, so try to choose good quality lithium-ion batteries when buying, and the service life can be longer , Then how do we detect the quality of lithium-ion batteries?


How to detect the quality of lithium-ion batteries:

1. The fastest inspection method is to test the internal resistance and maximum discharge current. A good quality lithium ion battery has very small internal resistance and large maximum discharge current. Use a multimeter with a 20A range to directly short-circuit the two electrodes of the lithium-ion battery. The current should generally be about 10A, or even higher, and it can be maintained for a period of time. A relatively stable battery is a good battery.

2. Look at the appearance. The fullness of the appearance, such as a lithium-ion battery of about 2000mAh, is relatively large. The workmanship is fine or the packaging is fullness.

3. Look at the hardness. The middle part of the lithium-ion battery can be squeezed gently or moderately by hand. The hardness is moderate, and there is no soft squeezing feeling, which proves that the lithium battery is a relatively high-quality battery.

4. Look at the weight. Remove the outer packaging and feel whether the weight of the battery is heavy. If it is heavy, it is a high-quality battery.

5. During the live working process of the lithium-ion battery, if the two poles of the battery are not hot after continuous discharge for about 10 minutes, it proves that the battery protection board system is perfect. Generally, the quality of lithium-ion batteries with high-quality protection boards is better than ordinary lithium-ion batteries.

The service life of a good-quality lithium-ion battery is about two or three years. The non-durable performance of a lithium-ion battery is that the power consumption is very fast, and the charging time is reduced accordingly. In order to ensure the long-lasting use of lithium-ion batteries, pay attention to the protection of lithium-ion batteries, such as new batteries. Generally, the first three charges must be charged for 12 hours to activate the battery. Normally, you should also pay attention to it. There will always be a blind spot, which is to charge the mobile phone when it is completely dead. This idea is wrong. In order to protect the lithium-ion battery, try to charge the battery with half of the battery.