How long does it takes to Custom Lithium Battery Pack

Himax - 14.8v-2500mAh 18650 battery pack

Currently, lithium-ion batteries are used in industrial equipment in various industries. Since there are no fixed custom lithium battery pack specifications and size requirements in various industrial fields. Therefore, there are no conventional lithium batteries for industrial equipment and they all need to be customized. So how long does it take to make li ion customized battery packs?


Under normal conditions, it takes about 15 days to custom lithium battery pack;

  • Day 1: After receiving the order requirements, the R&D personnel evaluate the order requirements, quote samples and establish customized product projects.
  • Day 2: Selection and circuit design for product battery cells
  • Day 3: Make a structural drawing and confirm with the customer, and conduct business negotiations
  • Day 4: Start material selection, BMS protection board design, battery assembly, cycle charge and discharge, circuit and other tests and debugging verification


Then the packaging, warehousing, quality inspection, outbound delivery, and transportation to the customer are carried out, and the customer conducts sample testing and other work. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 15 working days.

Li Ion Customized Battery Packs

Our lithium battery assembly is not like a small workshop where unknown batteries and BMS protection boards are directly packaged in series and parallel and shipped without testing and verification. This kind of battery is generally a price war. The price of the battery is very low and there is no after-sales guarantee. Basically, it is a one-time business. We will conduct strict testing on all materials, including battery cells, BMS, power harnesses and plugs. All materials must pass the inspection before they can be used to make li ion customized battery packs .


HIMAX is a manufacturer specializing in Li-ion Battery Pack Manufacturing. The batteries are widely used in special equipment, medical equipment, emergency firefighting, security communications, exploration and mapping, instrumentation and other fields. With more than 12 years of manufacturer production experience, Reliable quality.

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