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How can we extend the service life of the solar street light battery?

Solar street lights are composed of multiple parts, none of which can be missing. Among them, the service life of the battery is directly related to the life of the entire solar street light. The service life of a high-quality battery is longer than that of an ordinary battery.

However, in daily use, we should do a good job of maintenance to delay the service life of the battery.

How to extend the service life of solar street light batteries

  1. Waterproofness of the battery: The outer packaging of the battery must be tight enough, preferably waterproof, to prevent rain from entering the battery and damaging the battery.
  2. Stability of discharge and charge: During the charging and discharging process, the voltage of the lithium batteries should not be too high or too low to avoid damage to the protection board or battery cell.
  3. Temperature control: Any object has its own appropriate temperature. We must control the ambient temperature of the solar battery and should not exceed the temperature range recommended by the manufacturer.


The above three points are about how to extend the service life of solar street light batteries.

Reliable quality

However, if you want to really increase the battery life, it is more important to rely on the quality of the battery itself.

HIMAX has customized waterproof solar street light batteries for customers, with a cycle life of more than 2,000 times, high safety and high temperature resistance.

For example, 12.8V 18Ah LiFePO4 battery, double-layer PVC wrapped sealed with silicone gel, IP65 approved.

12.8V 24Ah LiFePO4 battery, ABS case sealed with silicone gel, IP65 approved.