Three New Emerging Trends in Battery Packing

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In recent years, EV manufacturers have been competing to develop custom lithium battery pack to improve battery weight, EV speed, and safety.

When we talk about battery packing technology, we have to introduce the following three essential li ion customized battery packs technologies.

  1. CTP(Cell-to-Pack):Eliminates the need for modules by directly integrating cells into the pack structure. In doing so, CTP design simplifies the overall architecture, reduces weight and volume, and improves energy density and thermal management.
  2. CTB(Cell-to-Body):It was release by BYD Auto in 2022 as its answer to the next generation of battery pack design and system level integration. The battery pack features a sandwich structure that consists of an upper cover, the company’s signature Blade Battery cells, and an underbody protection tray.
  3. CTC(Cell-to-Chassis):All battery components are housed in the vehicle’s structure, with no need for a separate custom lithium battery pack. Neta Auto claims this will help improve everything from range to safety.

Custom Lithium Battery Pack


There are currently three new trends in custom lithium battery  packing.

ONE: The purpose is to address technical issues present in current single-battery materials. A single package that hosts two different chemistries (LFP, NMC) and two different form factors (Large / Small Prismatic).

CATL: Modularize the battery, Innovative CTP packing with two form factors (Prismatic and Blade) and two chemistries (LFP and NMC), featuring swappable batteries.

Tesla and CATL: Simplify the packaging process by directly packing cells into the car frame (CTC) or pack (CTP), eliminating the need for modules.

Do you think it’s possible that electric vehicles will eventually replace traditional gas-powered cars?As CNN News said, more shoppers are choosing electric vehicles so far this year than ever, according to vehicle sales data from Cox Automotive.

Li Ion Customized Battery Manufacturing

While EV sales and li ion customized battery packs have been growing healthily for the past couple of years, that trend has accelerated this year. US consumers bought nearly 300,000 new battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) in the second quarter – a new record, according to Cox.

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