Which Battery is Better for Energy Storage?

Energy storage batteries include AGM replacement battery and custom lithium battery pack, which are widely used in various fields, such as UPS, solar system, wind energy storage, back-up power, RV, marine, etc.


AGM replacement battery Lifepo4 Battery 12V


In fact, the batteries  especially custom lithium battery pack used in most energy storage batteries are lithium iron phosphate batteries. As an AGM replacement battery, Why lithium batteries are becoming more popular in our life? The reasons are as follows:


Longer battery life

Compared with lead-acid batteries, the capacity of lithium batteries can be increased by 20%-50% under the same size, thus prolonging the battery life. Moreover, when the environment is 0-10 degrees, the endurance performance of lithium batteries remains the same, while the endurance time of lead-acid batteries is shortened by 40%.



The life cycle of lithium batteries is 3-5 years, and it is truly maintenance-free. In contrast, lead-acid batteries are prone to charge swelling if not properly maintained. Lead-acid-filled batteries require daily liquid replenishment and acid test maintenance. At the same time, lead-acid batteries also have a potential risk of chemical damage.


Low cost

Since the raw materials of lithium batteries do not contain any precious metals, compared with the purchase and maintenance costs of lead-acid batteries, the overall cost of lithium batteries is significantly lower than that of lead-acid batteries by analyzing the economics within the life cycle.


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