Current development status of sodium batteries

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Three years ago, sodium ion batteries emerged as a replacement to solve the problem of soaring raw material prices and production shortages for lithium batteries. And then gradually disappeared.

In 2022, against the background of soaring prices of lithium battery raw materials, the concept of sodium-ion batteries suddenly exploded. Major battery manufacturers have successively launched this kind of battery products.

However, in the past two years, the lithium battery industry chain has expanded production on a large scale, and the price of lithium batteries has dropped. The low-cost advantage of sodium-ion batteries has weakened, the technology is immature, and its performance is not as good as that of lithium batteries. Subject to energy density and cycle times, sodium-ion batteries are generally used in mini-cars and small cars.

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However, sodium-ion batteries have a certain space for survival in the energy storage market. Because they can just meet the needs of energy storage batteries for low investment prices, safer safety, and long life. They may be deployed on a large scale in the future.

At present, many battery companies have abandoned their already developed electric vehicle product lines and switched to energy storage product lines. According to industry estimates, more than half of sodium battery companies have added new energy storage product lines. In addition, the academic community has also been insisting on the research and development of sodium batteries. It is expected to make a breakthrough in the energy storage market.