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10 Tips For More Eco-Friendly Outdoor Adventures & Camping Trips

10 Tips For More Eco-Friendly Outdoor Adventures & Camping Trips Posted March 31, 2021 The percentage of people that enjoy camping three or more times each year has increased 72% since 2014, according to a recent report, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated international travel restrictions. Between the rapid increase in outdoor recreation […]

8 Tips For Using NiMH Batteries(Nickel-Metal Hydride)

NiMH is an abbreviation for nickel-metal hydride. Ni-MH batteries are our most common rechargeable batteries in consumer electronics. Due to its superior chemical properties, nickel-metal hydride batteries have replaced nickel-cadmium batteries. Since NiMH does not use cadmium (the use of toxic chemicals in battery use) and also does not have the same memory problems that plague NiCD, […]

Solar Will Be Cheapest Form of Electricity Across US by 2030, Plus Other PV Trends

by Emma Foehringer Merchant February 02, 2021 With President Joe Biden in the White House, ink drying on a spate of new climate-focused executive orders and an extension of the federal Investment Tax Credit on the books, the immediate future looks relatively rosy for solar. The U.S. Energy Information Administration anticipates that renewables will be the fastest-growing […]

5 New Battery Technologies That Will Change the Future

Your phone is about to go dead—again—and you can’t find a place to plug it in. Your laptop is getting hot…is the battery about to catch on fire? How far from home should you drive your electric vehicle? As scenarios like these become increasingly common, it’s clear that we need batteries that store more, last […]


When I started this hobby the thing that shocked me the most was how short flight times were. 5 minutes??? Sometimes more. Sometimes less. To make matters worse, most people drive to a park or a field where they don’t have access to electricity to recharge their batteries. Yes, you can buy a couple dozen […]


Anybody who uses lipos will eventually encounter a puffy or swollen battery. And the first question that inevitably comes up is “What should I do?” This post is all about what causes that swelling and what to do when it happens to one of your lipos. Are Swollen Lipo Batteries Dangerous? Yes. Next question. Seriously, […]

Which battery is used in Bluetooth headsets?

Compared with ordinary earphones, the battery life and battery life of Bluetooth headsets are relatively short when you keeping connect with Bluetooth. In addition, the Bluetooth headsets currently on the market have made the size smaller and handy to adapt the needs of market users for portability and appearance. Therefore, we have to extend the battery life, […]

What is a Battery Management System (BMS)?

The power output depends on the battery, and the battery management system (BMS) is the core of it. It is a system for monitoring and managing the battery. It controls the charge and discharge of the battery by collecting and calculating parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, and SOC. The process, the management system that […]

Battery Pack Cell Voltage Difference And Solution Part 2

We have introduced voltage difference in battery packs and used it as an important criterion for measuring the quality of batteries.  At this time, we’ll review how to prevent voltage difference. Match the cells The best method in preventing cell voltage difference is to match the cells before the battery pack is assembled and to select the cells […]

Features Of Pouch Cell Battery

Introduction One of the differences between pouch cell batteries and other batteries is the material of the casing. Cylindrical batteries have a hard casing, which are made of nickel and steel or aluminum alloy. A pouch cell on the other hand consists of many types of layers to form a multilayer film consisting of an outer layer, middle layer, and an […]