Custom 18650 lithium battery pack for exploration equipment


18650 lithium ion battery pack 3S8P 11.1V 20Ah for petroleum exploration equipment

Petroleum exploration equipment is a portable field exploration equipment for petroleum geology and petroleum reserve sources. It can detect relevant geological layers at the surface level. Through advanced nuclear magnetic resonance core analysis, it uses the hydrogen nuclei of oil and water to have resonance in the magnetic field and Generate signal characteristics to detect rock physical properties to discover underground related petroleum sources and determine the content of petroleum reserves. Traditional outdoor power supply devices all use lead-acid batteries. Their shortcomings such as low energy density, large volume, and high quality add burden to explorers’ outdoor work. New 18650 lithium ion battery pack for petroleum exploration equipment have high energy ratio, light weight, small volume, and High cycle life, high safety, high voltage, good consistency and other advantages.


18650 battery pack 3S8P 11.1V 20Ah for field water quality monitor

The field water quality monitor is a portable water quality testing equipment that can conduct quality inspection of water resources and detect the degree of pollution of water quality. The main components of the instrument are small electric water pumps, mixers, heating devices, sensing parts, display parts, etc. The instantaneous current requirement for equipment startup is relatively large, with the peak current reaching 20A and the normal operating current being 4~5A. The requirements for continuous working time of the battery are relatively high. For this reason, our company uses imported batteries, which have high energy ratio, light weight, and With the advantages of small size, high cycle life, high safety, and high voltage consistency, the lithium battery pack is designed to output an overcurrent protection value of 30A, a continuous operating current of 7A, and a charge capacity of 20Ah, which fully meets the power needs of the instrument.

18650 Lithium Ion Battery Pack 14.8V


Custom lithium battery pack 32700 4S2P 25.6V 11Ah for track detection instrument

The exquisite aluminum alloy shell is designed according to customer requirements, and meets waterproof and shockproof requirements, as well as good heat dissipation requirements under high current operation.


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