How do I choose an RV battery?

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Recreational Vehicle (RV) batteries/ lifepo4 battery are one of the most important things you take with you on the road when you travel. After all, they’re largely the reason that you get from Point A to Point B.

Some essential benefits deep cycle lithium batteries have over lead-acid for your RV include: Less than half the weight. Offer much higher usable capacity at the same amp-hour. Fully charged up to 6x faster.

Lifepo4 battery is safer than AGM batteries. They are less prone to overheating and catching fire, which is a common issue with AGM batteries. Additionally, Lifepo4 batteries are more stable, which means they are less likely to explode if they are damaged.

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If your upfront budget is lower, an AGM battery may be a better option as they are cheaper to buy. However, because a lithium battery offers a longer lifespan, it will usually be more economical in the long run.

In most cases you can swap out your RV’s AGM / lead-acid battery with a more economical, safer, and longer lasting lithium RV battery. You’ll just need to ensure your RV has a charging profile for lithium batteries.

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